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Cassie Amundson Munoz

Suicide PSA blog pic

Check out our Youth Amig@s PSA on suicide prevention

Our youth amig@s created a short video on suicide prevention for the Minnesota Youth Suicide Prevention PSA competition put on by the organization SAVE. Check out their video  

Suicide PSA blog pic

Ver el video sobre la prevención de suicidio creado por nuestr@s jóvenes amig@s

Los jóvenes Amig@s filmaron un video sobre la concientización de prevención de suicidio como parte de una competencia de la organización SAVE. Ver el video de l@s jóvenes amig@s Minnesota Youth Suicide Prevention PSA Competition  


Visit the online community resource center

We know that domestic violence may only be one of many barriers in peoples' lives, visit our online community resource center to find organizations in Minnesota that are equipped to help with other challenges you may be facing. Find resources using the search bar, or use the category drop down menu to locate organizations that focus [...]

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